March 23rd, 2013

Jay In the darkness

Collide Part 1

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, watersports, BDSM
Notes: This is one of the random ideas I got when I was at Bullet's gig. This is inspired partially by the Axewound song of the title. Hopefully this'll become my first multi-part fic in awhile (and first proper twisted one in awhile too) but we'll see how it turns out. This whole thing will cover the prompt (moreso when it gets going).
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Gerard Red hair of sex

Era's end.

Well MCR have broke up. The weird thing is, I don't really feel anything. No real strong feelings.

I found out last night. I was about to head to bed after watching two episodes of Pokemon with Morganess and just did my last tumblr/twitter check of the night and I saw a mention of MCR breaking up. So I went, looked through the twitter timeline and saw the statement and just... nothing.

It's weird. If this had happened a year or more ago I'd likely be devestated. But I'm just, not.

Contrast this to a few weeks back when Bullet did that Kerrang cover interview. They mentioned that they were close to breaking up and I could feel my heart break and I could feel myself become teary. But this? Even now, I don't feel much.

I think, probably it's down to two things. First is Bob. When he left, with no word or explanation as to why (and the band seemed intent on keeping it that way and Bob seemed bitter) they lost something. It felt like the band didn't really feel whole (as awesome as the Killjoys stuff was). Second was the fans. When I first got into MCR the fans were awesome. Seriously I've made such fantastic friendships through that band. But the fanbase really seems to have changed since then and not in a good way. A lot of fans seem to be bitchy assholes. From complaining about fic and belittling writers, to bitching about the band not being emo enough, being assholes to other bandoms (and each other) and just generally being cunts. Even today, one of the first posts I saw on tumblr after waking was a fucking threat. Since when was the band about that?

It's because of the 'fans' I pulled back in a big way. I've not really wrote anything with the band in awhile because I was sick of them being asses. The constant and persistant immature behaviour made me want to be associated with those people less and less. Maybe that's why I don't feel anything.

Like many, though, I'm puzzled about them quitting in the middle of an album. I do wonder what happened, especially since all indications were that everything was fine (a little Kerrang thing about ago said as much). And I think a lot of people do feel let down by that.

The positive? I'm hoping this means we'll see more Umbrella Academy soon. But I dunno if anything else can come from it.