January 24th, 2013

Jay Cock!

Coming to your town

Well I'm back from the gig now.

This post was gonna have included pics from the signing but the peron that took them seems to have failed at understanding what taking a photo actually entails. Seriously I'm jut gonna use the phone next time.


So I got to Birmingham and headed for CEX. They had only one of the old Whos I wanted to get but it was the one I wanted most: Vengeance On Varos special edition.

I then went in HMV quick, then to the venue for the signing. Jay was on merch duty and he recognised me (aww< 3 ) and I got sisbeans tee then which was better than waiting later.

The signing itself was pretty awesome. They all said hi and asked how I was and Gaving seemed to recognise me (and described the tour as a mess thus far) and when I posed with him, Rhys and Bob Jay was making faces at us, which made me giggle. Gavin's eyes are so... hypnotic.

Sean was next and he was amusing because he'd made his badges into a cock shape... which got knocked and he said 'they destroyed my cock!' which was amusing. Next was Matthew and Snoz. I said Hi outright to Matthew but he was his usual cute, shy self. I had a little conversation with Snoz and he definitely recognised me and said it's been awhile (which Sean heard and sung) but he was nice and asked how I was.

Then I went to HMV and had a quick look. I got Inglourious Basterds for sisbean and got Vantage Point for me. I may get Quantum Of Solace when I got back with her and maybe other stuff too. (I wanna check if a set of it with Skyfall would be better though).

After a little wander round I went back to the venue. Instead of upstairs it was down so it was bigger than I expected. The first band were pretty good. The second band were awfu though, ugh. They even got a few boos.

The Blackout were as always, awesome and so fucking amusing. They're always so funny and bouncy. Sean grinded against Gavin's ass which... guh. And Matthew has a NASA tee awesome! And just... they were so funny and awesome and always make me smile so much.
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When In Finland...

When In Finland...
Pairing: Jay James/Tundra, Matt Tuck/Moose/Virta, Padge/Vreth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 6: Orgy
Warnings: Sex times, skirts, watersports.
Notes: This is a sequel to Nats fic You Drove Me To This which is awesome (though it's not necessary to read to understand the fic). This is the first sequel fic I've done to someone else's fic so I hope its good. Also this is dedicated to her for finishing exams, yay!
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