January 22nd, 2013

TP Ralis Perdy

There's white things in the air

Wow, just realised I've not made a proper, non-fic post yet this month.

Well I guess it's cause there's been nothig much post worthy. Thinking back, nothing springs to mind that's particularly exciting.

The main thing's really been the heater which fucked up AGAIN. The man came, ordered a new part... only to tell us it needed another one when it came. So for the better part of two weeks wweve been relying on the fire in the living room.


Plus, there's snow! It's so pretty, but makes going out treacherous because of the ice.

Other than that.... I dunno. I've been trying to do the prep work for the maths part of my course and it makes my head hurt. ot havig heat's kinda to blame though.

So many albums out now/soon. Can't wait for Bullet's new one though.

Calvin is so like me.

Tomorrow I'm off to see The Blackout and, hopefully, get some old Who from CEX. And then sisbean comes for a week on Thursday, yay!

Now a few pics.

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