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April 29th, 2012

Bert/Quinn My pussy


So I'm making this is just a basic post of the last few days.

Thursday: travel. Mostly spent reading Shadow Games which makes me think more and more of Hotel Dusk and Kyle in an odd way.

Yesterday: tatt. We went to Tunbridge Wells and I Got my new ink done! Yay! Also got a cheap Family Guy boxset and teeny Star Wars model.

Today: London. We ended up going to London for the Kid Icarus thing and I got so many pink bits! In act we got all but the Tennis ones. Woo! And we got free cards+free poster, yay!

Oddly on the way to London someone said 'Oi blondie get your tits out' which was odd as I was the only blonde around.

Then we headed to The Used. The venue is strange, but kinda pretty (thugh security is overkill) There was also an odd equation thing on a board.

The gig itself was very short, but it was accoustic which was pretty awesome. Highlights: They played On My Own and Blue And Yellow. Bert put a dummy in his mouth. He also said he'd make a sexy girl. He later got the crowd singing peanut butter jelly time which was amusing. Oh and they (oddly) played a song that didn't make it to the album called Surrender. And Quinn kept staring at Bert.

The wait for the signing thing was awhile but worth it (even though time meant no pictures, boo). Jepha was nice and pretty much promised they'd be back (especially after I mentioned the proper gig sold out too fast). (Annoyingly, my 3DS didn't pick him up... but saur's did and I got him indirectly. Boo.) Quinn was nice too and said hi. Dan was a bit odd, though I se to have forgotten why. Bert said I had 'wacky style' which was... odd, then he laughed and ist bumped me! That was pretty cool.

The trip back was uneventful, other than a creepy guy that kept loooking at me. Ugh.

Travel tomorrow. Ugh, but then Avengers nd getting the Deadpool lego set Monday! Woop!

And now a tatt pic, taken just after it was done by the artist.

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