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April 24th, 2012

LP Stu Pretty

And your host a talking rat

Well the weekend of peace wasn't too exciting. I watched Nintendo Direct (which sadly lacked a AC release date) then spent the rest of the time on Xenoblade/watching Enterprise. Until I watched Thor.

I did take Dan out though and eee! There's gooselings as well as ducklings! And baby moorhens! So much cute!

Today was Lostprophets.

I went later than expected and I didn't get much round town. I did get a cheap Star Wars book though, yay! I also got a few streetpass hits and I gawp at the 3DS for not having a map of Austrailia. Fail!

Once in the venue I looked at merch getting a wristband and bandana cause I wasn't bothered by the tees. Then I got myself a nice place to the let of the stage.

The support were awful. I'd not heard them before and I'll be glad not to again. They made my ears hurt. I wished they'd had a proper band supporting them instead. I kept wishing it would end but the set seemed to drag forever. The only good part was when they used Tetris music.

Thankfully Lostprophets made up for that. They played Another Sht and Make A Move ater each other which made me squee cause I love them. Ian had awful slicked back hair at the start. Thankfully it became unslick about halfway through and he decided to mess with Lee's guitar randomly. Luke, though he was hard to see (as drummers often are, boo) played awesomely and made me think of Bob at times. He even got given the megaphone to say something, though I couldn't make it out. Though I started at the edge of the crowd I ended up four rows from the front in the middle due to all the movement, which was... odd. (Although it did lead to me accidentally groping guys asses so...)

However, the main thing to take away is how hot Stu is. I spent 80% of the show with my eyes on him. And his smiles and half smirk and then those arms... My eyes were just on him the whole time and I'm sure I made some inhuman noises whenever he did one of those halfsmirks.

So Ian, but he's hotter than you now. (And I'm finally fully shoving aside the awkward 'he shares my name' craziness.)

On the way back I grabbed drink from Tesco and then ended up talking to this girl at the station (and on the train/bus). It was odd, but nice, though I did kinda feel old at times.

I end this with pictures of cute animals, just cause.

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