February 18th, 2012

Jay Cock!

Party like it's 1999

Well today's been busy.

It was the first day school, so I was in Birmingham for it. Gamestation lacked the Zelda e-shop cards. Ugh.

I got a bit lost on the way to the campus (mostly due to construction nearby) butgot there in the end. I ended up talking to the two guys I ended up sitting with, one who came in the lift with me and the other one who is a hot guy geology guy. The first tutor was ok and it was fairly interesting, mostly about the new book so it was all about plate tectonics.

The second tutor was awesome though. He came in with a Resident Evil bag (want) which had an lego keyring attached to it. He also mentioned both QI and Professor Cox. See this tutor was awesome! I hope we get him again.

After that I had a bit of time, so got some Neurofen from Tesco (cause my dumb headaches are back) and then just wandered round for a bit. Annoyingly, even though Birmingham was packed, I got no one on Streetpass until just before the train. Ugh.

I did go and see Episode I 3D.

The trailers before it were the following:
*Mirror Mirror which is a reworked Snow White and actually looked pretty good.
*Pirates, which looked fairly interesting but not something I'd see
*The Hobbit! It looks so good! Definitely seeing it.

Anyway, Episode I. Well there's two ways of looking at it. First the actual film itself. Personally I always thought Episode I got a bad rap. I mean it's not as bad as people seem to make out it is. Yes, it's not the best film, but it's not terrible either. I mean Jar Jar obviously takes a lot from it, but I've always liked it. (Although probably partly due to recalling seeing it grandad and remembering him calling Padme a 'stupid woman'.)

As for the 3D, well it was pretty good. The opening crawl looked amazing in 3D. I think it did a pretty good job with the 3D considering it wasn't actually filmed in 3D. So yeah.

Anyway that's it really. The sky is clear and the stars look so pretty tonight.
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