February 15th, 2012

Jay/Padge Drunk

We are here! We are here!

So the past few days Claire's been here. She came Sunday and left today (booo).

We met in Walsall Saturday and didn't do too much. We had a wander round and did some bingo, then came back and watched the later showing of Being Human (ah Annie's awesome) and then sleeeep.

Yesterday we went to Birmingham. We were going to see a film but didn't. I got some cuddly bugs from The Entertainer (which make noise!) and I did a squee cause they have a life ize lego Captain Rex in the window now. More wandering around (and yay I got more hits on treetpass resulting in mre puzzles unlocked including Zelda). Then we had food in Pizza Hut (and got served by this nice lady who was pretty awesome). I did find out Gamestation HAD Zelda cards and were expecting more so here's hoping they came today and are still there for Saturday. Right now I'd be happy with any of em. (I hope whoever was in charge of distribution of them was fired cause they did a piss pootr job of it.)

When we gt home we watched Horton Hears A Who, then started sorting my hair. Alas the red persists even after bleaching so now my hair's sorta... pink. We got blue dye but it won't look s great like this so I have to get purple. So I have to get purple on Saturday but we found a good place.

Then we watched Supernatural from the start and damnit it's pretty god. And yes, the brothers are just... oozing sexual tension. I mean he has him pressed against the wall seven minutes in the first episode! I jsut wish I had more than series 1 part 1 now (though it has been sitting up there for years without being watched so...).

Today we went back to Walsall mostly for more bingo but, like Saturday, I only had a bit of luck. Boo.

Now I've got my Bullet dvds ready and I'm starting a slightly late Valentine's run. First is the live dvd (they seriously need to do another one I dunno why they didn't release the one they recorded).

I'm hoping to fic something soon. I wanna fic I just dunno what.

Also gonna get my first written asssessment out the way over the next few days so...

Saturday'll be busy going to the day school though I hope to use it to see Episode I 3D in Birmingham.
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