February 8th, 2012

Jay Cock!

Subject 2

Time for a post.

Not much has happened since the last one. The course has started and it's going ok, but other than that not much has happened (at least nothing post-worthy).

The only exception is Resident Evil's come and it's awesome! Raid mode is real good. My only problem is where I am now as the enemies in the next bit are undderwater and thusly hard to hit and when they rise they attack (an attack that means instant death). Thusly it's tricky to decide if I should kill them or just run. Every time I've tried killing them (about 5 times+) I've only suceeded once, whereas they've suceeded far more. So when I next go on, running is the way to go (and I hope that the water ends up being lowered so they'll have nowhere to hide on the return journey).

Other than that we've still been watching DS9, which we're now mid-season 3. My run of Enterprise however has stalled, most likely due to watching the Underworld films.

Yesterday I ended up going to Birmingham for my tutorial. I ended up making a day of it. First stop was Forbidden Planet, which I went in to get the first Magic comic, which they had yay! I've not looked at it yet but it has a free card.

After that I went to the Academy to get a Lostprophets ticket, which I got so yay! After that I just wandered round randomly.

I debated seeing Underworld. The original plan (and why I rewatched the films) was to go and see it. However Claire's coming for a few days Sunday and she said she wanted to see it, so I was torn. Eventually I decided to see it. I just had this strange feeling it'd not be on after this week. I asked when I was there and they didn't think it would be. Plus it was in one of the tiny side screens, which also made me think it might be finishing this week.

Thoughts on it? It was pretty good. I mean for the first few minutes I was a bit... unsure about it, but by the end I was pretty happy with it. I won't spoil it in case anyone else is going to see it (I dunno if anyone is though). As for the 3D, it wasn't overstated and was nicely done. The best use of it was when several silver nitrate grenades went off, resulting in the air becoming all glittery and the 3D made that look really nice.

As for trailers, there quite a few (about 5 I think). I remember these ones clearly:
*The Devil Inside - Another film about exorcisms. It's got some hand held camera work in it, which seems a little overdone. I'd watch if it was on tv, but not in the cinema.
*Ghostider 2 - Eh not fussed by it. I didn't see the first one so I'm not bothered (I would've preferred an Avengers rtrailer)
*Star Wars Episode I 3D - The same trailer on 3DS now. The 3D effect loks pretty good, but I was going to see it anyway so I didn't need convincing to do so.
*Resident Evil Retribution - This one surprised me since it's not out for ages. It's the same one posted online and it's pretty good. Obviously I'll be seeing it anyway (I still hate I missed the last one in cinema).

After that I went to get the bu to the tutorial, which was a fucking crawl as it took twice as long to get there that it was meant to. Damn traffic. Damn it being 7 at night.

As for the tutorial it was ok. It put me at ease about the assessments, which was my main concern. We did a little experiment too, which was amusing as it was a pretty pointless one.

At the end I accidentally left my one bag, so I had to run back in and thankfully got it. Then I got a drink and cursed bus drivers (two drove right past me without stopping) before getting back to Birmingham, getting food and then getting back home.

End day in Birmingham.

That's it really. I'm seeing Claire soon and after that I dunno. Me and mum might see The Muppets soon so yay!
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