December 31st, 2011

Jay Cock!

Thoughts within

So I've considered making this post (or a variant of it) for awhile now. This is wholly fic related, so anyone that doesn't care can skip.

First: 47/50 of the kinkways fics are done. As such, the last three fics are going to be my main fic priority. I hope to get them done by the end of the first week of next month, second at the latest. Fics after it's been done likely won't be as Jay-heavy till the album.

Second: Once that's done I'm unsure what I'll do. I may do a Waycest that's been vaguely in my head.

Third: I am considering doing more vampire fic if I get ideas. I suspect I won't other than the one I wanted to do from the start but never did.

Fourth: I no longer take requests. The exceptions will be birthdays, provided I have enough advance warning. If I decide to do another table, then I'll open them up again.

Fifth: I will do fic exchanges. These will be for fic/art/manips in exchange for fic. However the condition is I won't post a thing until I get my side of it held up. Why? Well that should be obvious. Getting fic is like getting blood from a stone.

Sixth: My course officially starts this time next month. While I expect to be able to fic as normal I may not be able to.

Lastly (and unrelated to the rest): Sort your shit out lj with mails!

Here ends the post. I may do a new year one tomorrow.
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