December 10th, 2011

SS Ghirahim Pretty

Since I know I can be honest with you, I’ll admit I got a little sulky. It was frowns all around

Update post time cause one is due.

I've not been on Zelda as much as I wanted/hoped. Mostly because I've been sick/sleepy which sucks. I did go on it last week and did the Fire Sanctuary which was pretty cool.Though ugh, sseeing Ghirahim again wa a highlight. He is so hot and so doing Link. I mean the sexual tension is just... there. The images in my head.

Anyway then I was in bed a lot cause I felt sick again.

Has everyone seen Every Snowflake's Different? I'm not crazy, that has happened right?

Now Morgan is here, yay! Although it is for the last time which is sucky.

We went to London, though it was mostly just looking around though it was nice.

Mostly we've been watching Who, including old Who ones. First there was the Silurian ones, then the Sontaran ones (so I've seen the first episode with Sarah Jane which was awesome). However I've also seen the 6th doctor and just... ok I'd heard bad stuff about him but didn't think he'd be anywhere near as bad as he was. Arrogant and patronising and insulting. And just... awful. And damnit that Peri woman with him is the worst companion, at least of the ones I've seen.

Off now to forget his existance by watching the new series Sontaran ones, with 10 and Donna. Yay 10 and Donna!

I'm sure I meant to post other things, but as always I've forgotten them. Ah well.
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