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May 5th, 2011

Jay Cock!

A shyness that is criminally vulgar

Well I got here ok.

The trip was fairly uneventful. I ended up on Pokemon and reading (Star Wars Galaxy and The Force Unleased).

If anyone has Pokemon, I'd be grateful for a Torchic or Squirtle. Thankies.

Anyway, yeah.

I got here at about 3:30ish and well, not much was done. We watched stuff and took Chips for a walk and watched Welshmen being absolute idiots.

The Kerrang noms are up so go vote now!

So today was the gig.

We went to where the signing would be to find out info (online was conflicting stuff) and we asked two people that worked there and they both said different things (even the hot one that sounded like he was a Leone). Sigh. So it looks like we're not going.

However, Smiths did have the new Doctor Who cards so we got some of them. Yay!

And we had Mcdonalds so yay.

As to the gig, the support was... forgetable. So we spent time drawing Silence tallys on our arms. It looks surprisingly good.

Anyway they came on and it was a pretty good show. Brendon wore a Doctor-like outfit. Seriously it was braces and bow-tie. He really looked like one of the Doctor figures. And he talks so crazily and so fast. (I couldn't pick up on what he said half the time.) Brendon Urie for Doctor 13! (12 being Gerard.)

Spencer was nom and Brendon was flirting/molesting Dallon. And saying he loved him (and wanting to scream it). And saying it was his birthday (cue everyone singing happy birthday unprompted). And then Dallon getting on his knees in front of Brendon.

They played all the songs off the new album that I lved, so yay! They also played How Soon Is Now (I hope it's released as a b-side).

After we went outside and after waiting an hour (which included fans randomly singing Na Na Na) Brendon came out.... and then security forced him back in. It seemed like he would have stayed out much, much longer but they pushed him back in before we could get anything signed, which sucked.

Watching American Dad now cause there's a run on BBC3.
Jay Cock!

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