December 22nd, 2010

Mikey Schoolboy

This Is The Best Night Ever

This Is The Best Night Ever
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: Third Christmas fic! Yeah I'm doing really shit with these aren't I? Much worse then I expected. I hope to have them done by new year though, so some'll be New year fics in a way. Anyways! This fic is for mikeyface. When I first got the prompt I though 'kinky waycest crossdressing!' but when it came down to it, well, this happened instead.
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Waycest Touch

Christmas fic post

Here's a post listing all the Christmas fic to do, even though a lot'll be late. I blame lack of inspiration and the fuck up of a computer.

If the fic has a * by it, it means I wanna poke you for more details since I have no clear ideas.

Finished fic:
Down On Your Knees Waycest for katiexrawr

Master Plan Adam Lambert/Gerard Way/Tommy Joe Ratliff for ditzydmt

This Is The Best Night Ever Waycest for mikeyface

Because It's Fucking Delicious Waycest for aerogroupie

The Jacket Ian/Sean for lithiumqueen

The Moose With The Mouth Bonus Jay/Moose fic for b4m214

Hard Slammin Sean/The Used for midnightsugar

Little One Alex Gaskarth/Gabe Saporta for aholelabledlove and americanaffair

Leonecest for black_death_666

Tuck/Jay for vanityreyven *

Sykecest for asphyxiatide *

Lee Malia/Matt Nicholls for emmaopteryx

Darran/? for lc_ffaf

Ray/Gerard for bloodyhands

Waycest for theskeeishere

The Used for ilaria_mc

Weasleycest for antontobias86

Tuck/Eicca for sammielindemann

Off now. Might fic some later/tonight.

Outside is so snowy!
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