December 19th, 2010

Cad Bane Holocron

It doesn't matter, the Jedi Order has no future

I've transferred pretty much everything to the external hard drive cause of this fucking laptop. Gah.

Anyways, I hope to fic one Christmas fic a day. about half won't be done before Cristmas, but should be done in the week after. So far two are done, one is started and I have vaguish ideas for a few others. If anyone that's requested fic has any specifics then fire away, specifics help.

Done with the first half of the Clone Wars run, now onto season 2 at last. Ah Cad Bane, why are hot? seriously why, I don't get it.

Found some of my figures that have been missing for almost two years yesterday. Yay for Force Unleashed stuff!

Went to the garden center the other day and one of their stick insects had escaped too! That was pretty amusing.

Watch me laugh at Parabore losing two members.

And scream fix at Stricly Come Dancing (yes I watched that SHUT UP!) Fucking bitch Kara won. Ugh.

I'm not booking tickets to another gig next year unless Lostprophets do one, Black Veil Brides do one (where I can get) or Adam Lambert does one.

I don't want new twitter I'm perfectly happy with old twitter!

Hot Ian/Sean fic and Jay/Darran fic and some Tuck torture

I'm sure I had something else to ramble about. Oh well.

Adding two additions to fic I'd want (not that anyone's doin it but still...):
*Something with Dan Whitesides
*Tentacle fic
*Padge giving someone an enema

I really, really, REALLY would appreciate fic. Like I crave it so bad so gimme! Please?
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