December 15th, 2010

Padge Fingers

Computer says shut the hell up!

First, before I forget, I was asked to pimp this so... go!

So it's been a week since my last post.

There's not been a terrible amount going on.

Bullet points!
*My body's seemed to have taken to shutting down almost nightly now. It's getting annoying
*As is this damn laptop
*The spacebar is being irritating
*We managed to finish the main game of Lego Potter, yays!
*Also started Bleach but only got through disc 1.
*I got a Christmas letter that Claire arraned for me (from the NSPCC) it's all in Welsh!
*Saur went home
*Finally watched the Watchmen blu ray
*Was slightly freaked by girls wolf whistling me (read slightly as extremely)
*Waycest is ngh
*Finally started Xmas fic. Hope to have one done tonight
*Started Clone Wars run last night. Today's disc will feature some of the best eps of season 1.

Monday we went to the home for a service thing. Made me feel eh.

Happy birthday for yesterday lithiumqueen < 3

Also yesterday Padge (the stick insect) decided to go off again. How does he do it? You are a stick insect not houdini!

Today's Kerrang is ehish.

Gonna be sorting out Christmas cards tonight to send in the morning. Well, hopefully.

It's Christmas soon. Cut to me begging for fic.

Things I'd like:
*Andy Six fic
*Padge finger porn
*Jay fic
*Show Pony fic
*Fro porn (Ray or Ilan)
*Something with Matt N from BMTH

I may add more later, but yeah. Be nice?
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