December 9th, 2010

Jay Cock!

We're doomed

So yesterday we finally went to see the new Potter film (yes everyone has seen it already, shut up!). The start was a bit annoying causa the projector and sound being stupid. But yeah, it was good. I want the next part. I hope the twins are in the next one more because they're hot and obviously doing it. And yes I've not read the books so I literally have no clue what's gonna happen. Well, I assume there'll be some sort of fight cause that's obvious. Until it's out I have my own ending in my head.

Got Kerrang. The calendar only has three good months. So many months are just the singers of bands and it's fucking irritating. The best thing though is the reader's poll (well one specific part) because hero of the year is Matthew Leone! Yay! I vote for him because he so is.

Other things.

*We've failed at watching Bleach. We've only managed the fist two eps.
*Onto year 3 in Lego Potter
*I have something that I'm going to use to bribe people into ficcing. Mwahahah!
*Saturday I'll start Christmas fic.
*Saur got Domino's Tuesday. Nom
*Nintendo is stupid so I have to use my stars on it soonish
*Boiler's suck
*Gonna change some icons soon
*And curse the BMTH poster that keeps falling own

Off now to watch stuff on i-player.
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