December 7th, 2010

Padge Approves

We don't know how this happened

So last night was spent watching the Mcfly film. It's so... it's like one of those so bad it's good kinda things if that makes sense. I mean it's not fantastic by any means, but it is kinda funny. Harry's topless a lot but... eh. He used to be my favourite (consistantly) but he's not now. Too butch.

Tumblr=dead. Good job it happened while I was off it.

Onto today.

Today we went to Birmingham for Bullet. And you know what? I was still real unenthusiastic. Until I played their stuff on the train. So I guess all I need was to hear em.

Once we got there we did some shopping. List of what was got (cause I'm lazy):
*Unleashed Order 66 set (Kit FTW!) yay for saur for noticing!
*Clone Wars Flame Trooper (which we had to go back for cause he's awesome as fuck)
*Rabbid zombie/skeleton figure
*New Big Cheese mag (although I'm so thick cause it was minus the poster :( anyone else getting it?)
*Rabbid travel in time figure
*Comic grab bag (which had Star Wars but fails cause it had two the same comics)
*Two Star Wars tales graphic novels
*Star Wars Infinities The Empire Strikes Back (win!)
*Saur got me a blue nose llama which is so cutes
*Farscape dvd
*A little glass bug thing

We had Mcdonalds which was good but ugh annoying girls are annoying. And loud. Kick em!

Then we went to the the venue, after the mucho shopping.

Holy fuck.

The merch was so so fucking expensive. Drumsticks for £20. Signed drum skin for £50. Ugh. Who the hell prices this stuff! They should be found and beaten with something heavy. Very heavy. Ugh. And the poster wasn't even a new picture. Gah.

Anyway onto the gig.

Atreyu I hadn't heard in ages but still knew bits and pieces. Must ownload newer stuff. They didn't sound as good as they did at Give It A Name forever ago.

Bring Me The Horizon were better. Lee was so cute and bouncy. Matt N kept standing up. Oli thought he was a monkey. They were pretty good. So glad they were the main support.

Next was Bullet obviously. We were on Padge's side, so there was much staring of him. The massive screens were awesome and shown every memeber (and even had a MAASSIVE WELSH FLAG at the end). Jay was all sweaty (and did his two faces, BJ face and angry but he still had the hawk damnit!). He often went up to play by Moose and he was cute wearing a Bullet sleeveless hoodie. I wish they'd played Pretty On The Outside.

Anyway, the best thing was probably seeing Padge's guitar skills up close on the screens. Seriously, he's a fucking awesome player, one of the best in any band (and certainly better then Matt, which isn't bias for once). He even got his own solo bit between Scream Aim Fire and... the song they played after it which my mind has blanked on. And he did cute thumbs ups< 3. Anyway seeing his finger skills makes me want Padge finger porn. That is a hint for someone to get on that shit right now so someone do it. Do it do it and you'll be rewarded somehow. SERIOUSLY GET ON THAT!

After the gig I got two posters, a Bullet one and a Bring Me one (which is so cute causa the Matt N/Lee cuddle times!).

Emma I'm scare cause I saw your double! Eeek!

So home now. Pondering fic maybe Wednesday.

SOMEONE GET ON PADGE PORN NOW. Here have a video of him playing close up for inspiration

Off now to watch Demetri Martin and then sleep and pervy dream.
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