December 5th, 2010

Jay Cock!

You're not going to die an old maid. Maybe a spinster cook

So Saur managed to turn up yesterday. Yays! Not sure how long he's gonna be here. Either till Tuesday or Saturday, not sure which yet. sShould know soon. I won't be around properly until after then.

Tomorrow's Bullet. It's strange really because I'm not terribly excited but I blame the excitement shifting to Killjoys and the worry over the snow travel. Boo. Also gonna try and get something from Forbidden Planet as long as they have soe cool new stuff.

Speaking of Killjoys I managed to get tickets to the MCR tour. Yay! Also speaking of no more Killjoy fic this side of Christmas. Gonna switch to Chistmas fic next time I write. Also need to think of another group and if I feel like doing anymore in general.

Got rid of the evil new Windows messenger. Now back to the old one which is better and less satanically evil.

I hate this laptop for consistantly dying. Mum finish your college work quicker so I can switch to your laptop as promised.

The tree is up, but lugging it down has made my back hurt. Ugh.

Went on Lego Harry Potter yesterday. It's good but I'm hopeless at the spells. Well, the light one anyway.

Rock Sound came yesterday to. MCR fans, get it. There's an interview in it (need to read it) with nom new pics. There's also a poster. One side's a group shot (I've seen the pic before, of them all sitting down) and the other side has Killjoys artwork by the comic artist which is so cool (even though Mikey has red hair for some reason).

Saur had managed to find a download of the new Family Guy Star Wars ep, yay! So we watched that today. Tis amusing.

Random q: who would people want MCR Bob paired with outt the band?

I had something else to ramble about but I've utterly forgot it. I'm sure I'll recall it in time for the next post.
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