November 29th, 2010

Leonecest Laying and sitting

River People

River People
Pairing: Night Moves/Water Viper
POV: Night
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn (eventually)
Notes: So here it is, the next Killjoy verse fic... even though it doesn't have any of the Killjoys in it. It's set before Save Yourself. I'm pondering ideas for other fics in the same verse but it depends on the response to this one and if I get a clearer idea. (The next one, if done would focus on someone introduced in passing here.)
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Gerard Red hair of sex

This is a party, get on the dancefloor

So the past few days have been mehish for the duel reasons of me being sick and mum being a bitch.

I've finally watched the 5th and 6th Potter films. Originally the reasoning for doing a run was me and mum were going to see the new one tonight... but we're not now. Bah. I really want to see it now. I dunno if I'll be able to. Suckage!

On Saturday the cd part of the MCR boxset came. I'm not sure on the ep. The songs are too short and I'm just... not sure on them. But the fuck Gerard with going on about juice?

I should probably do a track by track thing of the album like so many people are doing. Maybe I will.

So glad it got to 14. It might seem low but with allt he fucking pop crap out it's good.

Merlin was Saturday night. I've not gone on about it as much as I used to. This week's makes me want next week's now. Sure it had a pervy title (The Coming Of Arthur, come on!) but it was pretty good. And Uther is getting everything that he deserves. Idiot.

Someone's posted the full videos from Adam Lambert's gig Friday so I'm gonna watch soon. I still hate that I wasn't there.

Also need to watch Bullet's dvd. I've kinda failed there.

Speaking of Bullet the new video is fucking... odd. Moose looks nom. There's not enough jay and there's too much of freaky arms Tuck.

Today's been ok. Finished fic in the early hours and got issue 2 of Star Wars galaxy. I seriously love that thing. 3 comics for £3? Awesomeness! I'll so read soon.

There's new Rabbids figures and I'll so get one soon. Also must get the new Rabbids game cause Rabbids=win!

If you want a Christmas fic then comment here.

Posted Killjoys fic last night. May do a primer post soon.

A new chapter from Red Harvest was posted the other day. Are they seriously putting them all up cause this is the fourth so far. Anyway. It's so fucking awesome! I really hope the writer does more Star Wars stuff cause it appeals to my twisted side so much. The zombies may not have turned up yet but we've had cannibalism, torture, bondage, bribary (with naked pictures) and a HK droid! So much awesome. It seems like this could be even better then Death Troopers was.

Leslie Nielson has died:( He was so awesome and funny.

Mikey's coming tomorrow, hopefully so I won't be online as much but I'll still be around, making posts and shit. We'll be watching Bleach and One Missed Call and... other stuff. Not sure what else we'll be doing other then going to Birmingham for Bullet (which'll also involve me getting stuff from from Forbidden Planet likely Star Wars figures or Magic cards).

Off now.
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