November 24th, 2010

Gerard Nghh

3, 2, 1 we came to fuck

It is now Wednesday.

Postmen, where the fuck is my Danger Days album? If you don't bring it tomorrow I'll kill.

Oddly my Fever tour edition, which was sent the same day but later, came yesterday. I still haven't watched the dvd.

Thankfully Warner did good and sent the download Monday so I've been listening to that. Fav song=Party Poison.

Is there some deal with MCR and Vampire Diaries? Cause both times I've watched it in the past few days there's been a ad for the album (yay!).

MCR, please bring Show Pony on tour with you everywhere. As the guy said in this video, it's like porn! Fuck. Wish they'd do a Show Pony poster. It's injustice they haven't.

Been watching Harry Potter's because I've not seen them all properly. It seems, though, that I've seen the first 4 at least. Odd.

Kerrang's nothing special but it has a bigish Bullet poster and next week there's a thing with Bullet and BMTH (it says it's Matt and Oli though I'm hoping for pics of others).

The Killjoy fic may become a series. I'm working on ideas.

Mum's trying to drag me to see Take That in Amsterdam. Ek.

I'll hate Friday cause Adam's gig. Gah. Tour again damnit!

Bullet's tour is a week on Monday. I'd completely blanked on how close it was.

Saur is gonna be here Tuesday, which I'd also blanked one (I blame MCR for making me confused!) so I won't be online much for two weeks (I'll still do posts and random rambles and maybe a fic or two).

Speaking of I'm ficcing now which I hope to be done soon. Once it's up I'll be archiving.

Anyway, main reason for this post (well one of them) is that it's Christmas in a month and you know what that means? Yep fic time.

So if you want a fic for Christmas, post your requests here. Everyone has to post their requests here even if I've said I'd definitely do one this is so they're all together. Everyone should also make two requests and I'll pick the one I get inspired by most.

I'm open to pretty much anything (as you can tell from fic). There are, however, a few things I won't do (hey even I have limits). I won't do Brendon/Ryan, Frank/Gerard or... I'm sure I'll remember the other stuff.

So if you want a fic, post this in your comment.
Anything you don't want:
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