November 15th, 2010

Ray Eye patch

The good guys die and the bad guys win

So it's been a couple of days since the last proper post, so here's one.

What've I been doing for the past week?

The answer is, not much.

Well, ok, that's not true.

I can't think what I did early last week (seriously, my mind is blank for Monday and Tuesday). I do, however, recall the rest of the week.

Wednesday involved me getting Kerrang. It's mostly not too special (to the point of me not remembering what's actually in the issue) but that's ok causa the fucking posters! There's two massive ones: one BMTH where they all look pretty (cept Jona, who I'll probably never like or find attractive) and the other one is a Killjoys MCR one which is just nghh. Both are hanging in the living room. At first it was just the Killjoys one but I added the BMTH one and they're still there which means mum doesn't mind em. Woo!

In the afternoon we went to Wryley cause mum had a doctor's appointment (her eye's been acting up) so he gave her drops which I have to put in daily. I also got NME from down there which reminded me instantly of why I hate NME.

I got it (as others did) because of Gerard on the cover looking all sexy, but the interview is just... ugh. NME are shit at interviewing non-indie bands. And then (which I'm sure most/all of you know already) they make this massive deal about Ray having love handles (which pissed Ray off when he found out) and just... ugh.

So that night I finally got my creativity back and started writing, woo! Three fics in as many days.

Thursday was... I actually can't think much of Thursday either. Oh well. I do recall cleaning out the stick insects (and Jay was much more active then usual which is good) but that's about it.

Friday was Saur's birthday (yay!) but otherwise not much was done.

Yesterday was new Clone Wars ep day. Woo! I was really looking forward to this one too. It was a pretty strange ep, but in a totally awesome way. I now wanna molest Quinlan Vos (and wanna find the comics with in). The highlight of the ep was the end. Cad Bane facing off against Obi and Quinlan and managing to escape, but not without using his jet packs, power glove thing (just like Mikeyway) and flamethrower. Fuck he's awesome. The only flaw I have is Nar Shaddaa not being shown on the approaches to Nal Hutta. Next week's ep looks less good.

More eps better be like that.

Mum ended up going to the garden center and got an igloo thing for the guinea pigs. Problem is that she only got one and there's two of them. Cue them fighting over it intermittently over the night, so much so that mum had to next a second one today. It was a good job she did cause they fought after she went and Sean ended up on the floor. Now they seem happy though.

I finally loaded the Magic The Gathering tutorial on here yesterday. I had a go and I really got into it. Sadly it's limited (like the Pokemon one I played foreevr ago) but it's still pretty awesome. Makes me wanna play it.

For the next few days, at least, I'll be downstairs all the time causa mail coming. So I'll be spending that time watching the blu-ray movies I have and haven't watched (specifically Watchmen and Final Fantasy).

I hope to write more this week though I'm not 100% sure what it'll be yet.

Tuesday night the MCR album is streaming. I may listen to just half of the album and not it all (like I did with The Black Parade, before failing miserably and listening to almost all of the tracks).

I'll be honest, I wasn't excited for the album. It started the moment that Bob left. It made me bitter, so much so that as late as early October I actively wasn't interested in the album. Seriously. Prior to BMTH's album that was the only one I was excited for, despite knowing about the album being released. I guess I was not just cynical about Bob, but also that the album had been postponed before and I fully expected it would again. At this point I wasn't even gonna buy the album, just download it.

When the hype first started I wasn't that bothered, I missed it all. In fact, I almost didn't watch the trailer for Na Na Na. Thank fuck I did. I got out my pod and listened to MCR for the first time properly in months, perhaps longer. Since then the excitement has built steadily and now I'm bouncing around and wanting the damn thing hear already. Because the days after it's hear I'll be listening to that fucker non-stop.

Gimme that album now! I don't care weather the HMV copy or the special edition gets here first, just as long as one does. See the excitement level I am over it now? I've ordered the fucker twice

Also next week MCR related is the Sing video (on the 18th I think) which I really wanna see cause Ray/Jet Star with an eyepatch is really fucking sexy. I don't even know why but it is.

Every vid of this album should be in the Killjoys-verse. And I really hope that Gerard's comic is in it too cause that'd be awesome (although he still has to give us Umbrella Academy).

Ok this has ended up being a bit of a rant post. Ooops.

Of course there's also the tour edition of Fever on it's way and I will watch the dvd the day it comes (because Bullet dvds are funny as fuck) even if it means cutting into Killjoy time.

Speaking of stuff I need, I need this.

Tommorrow I'm gonna do a picture post, because I can and have kept putting it off. It'll mostly be birthday related stuff and the guinea pigs. Which reminds me mum still has no idea where that Dead Space game it. My birthday was weeks ago and one present is still awol, despite it being right in front of me two days before. The fuck?

I also need to get back on Layton since I've not been on it in awhile.

So off I go to sleep (it's 4am and I should be up pretty early).

So stay shiny motorbabies.
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