November 6th, 2010

Cad Bane Holocron

I'm your worst nightmare

I've not done much the past two days, mostly cause my legs were dead.

So yesterday was slow but we watched the second Sarah Jane and I ordered (finally) the special edition of the new MCR album. Woop! Another new song was released but I haven't yet formed an opinion as I only heard it once.

There was also the first chapter of Red Harvest posted. I'm looking forward to this book so much! More Star Wars zombies. Win!

Today wasn't too special. Tesco shopping turned up today and after that the day's a blank mostly.

The day's highlight was seeing the newest Clone Wars episode. Although it's still one that's messing up the timeline of the episodes, it's still the most awesome of the season so far. With the second Kamino ep being equal. This ep had C-3P0 and R2 being together, it had bunny bots (going yay!), it had Cad Bane and TODO and the Hutt council and was just made of awesome. The next ep looks like it will be too.

I got amused when, while watching Strictly come Dancing (yes I watch cause mum does) and mum didn't know who did Where The Wild Roses Grow. She suggested by MCR and Bullet before finally getting it right. It'd be so awesome if they did it though.

May fic later/tomorrow. Need to get back into it.
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