November 5th, 2010

Eicca/Perttu Couply

Act on my behalf

So on Monday I saw Saw 3D. It's awesome! I wanna ramble about it but won't.

I got a shock on the way back cause my uncle saw me and gave me a lift. I'm scared.

Tuesday wasn't so special, apart from MCR's new song. Not sure I go much on it, though I've only heard it once. The trailer makes me think of Resident Evil (the end of Apocalypse and start of Afterlife specifically). An why does Toro have an eyepatch? And how are you expecting to infiltrate anywhere with bright red haired Gerard?

I did hear my buddy Zero was sick though. Poor ickle lizard. I hope he gets better.

Yesterday I got Kerrang, which is eh though next week looks yay. Well, poster wise. The best part of this week's is the quiz. Matt Nicholls getting a Star Wars question wrong!

Today I went to Apocalyptica.

Wolverhampton Forbidden Planet annoys me. The downstairs bit used to be all comics and now what is it? Fucking Twilight! It's like a shrine! It's creepy and horrible. They gid have the new Silurians already. I do wanna get one at some point. They fail at any of the new Star Wars though.

I got some dvds from CEX. Well, One Missed Call and The West Wing series 1 part 1. Both the same price. Also got glow in the dark stylus and game holder from a pound shop and more Star Wars cards (got a box too, score!).

Went to the gig. I got no merch (nothing caught my eye) and the first two bands were only ok. I manage to get pretty close (though my position meant I got no view of the drummers).

There was oddly more people there then expected. I'd go as far as to say there was more then both Attack! Attack! and We Are The Ocean combined.

There's one thing you realise when you see Apocalyptica. That is that most bands rock out with guitars. Apocalyptica rock out with cellos. An instrument which doesn't include a strap, is twice the sie of a guitar and is generally unwieldy, but they still manage to rock and make it work.

They played Bring Me To Light! Yay! I wasn't expecting them to but they did.

Eicca got topless towards the end! Nom! While topless Perttu decided to bite/kiss Eicca's arm. Pvvo decided to squeeze Eicca's ass for no reason. They had to stop because Mikko went to the loo. Eicca said that 'he had a wet dream of Mikko playing cello' and then proceded to get him on to do just that.

Ah they were awesome.

The way back, however, wasn't. There's one of two ways I get back from Wolverhampton. Either a bus straight back, or a bus to Walsall to get a train from there. Because the bus station in Wolverhampton's being redone, I had to decide between the two. So I chose Walsall. Bad move.

The train was down due to a 'disruption' so I had to walk from Walsall. So I just walked 6 miles in the dark to get home because of the dumbass train. Fuckers.

I'm not going outside for days now. Too tired.

Might write tomorrow.
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