November 1st, 2010

Moose Flames

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It would seem I'm doing fantastic at keeping up on here. Not. Sigh. I've also not sorted pics yet cause I'ma fail.

So since my rant post I've not done much.Mum got the new Professor Layton game which I've been on a bit, though it's melted my brain.

I've wtched all the Saw films in preparation for Saw 3D. I wanted to see it at the special Saturday showing but decided against it. I think I'll see it tonight though.

I didn't do much for Haalloween. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and Trick R Treat, the latter of which I'd never seen before and it's awesome.

Not done much else this past week. I watched Sarah Jane (which was awesome) and ordered two albums off HMV (the tour edition of Fever and Killjoys). Oh and I got an Apocalyptica ticket so I'm seeing them Thursday.

It's sad that the Halloween stuff is gone already in Asda. Boo. Less sad is finding the new Star Wars Galaxy comic in Smiths, which I didn't expect, so I got it. Yay Star Wars!

End pointless update post.
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