October 27th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Right now it's ranting time

Most of you will know this journal, in general, as being about fic and random rambles about what I've been doing. (Which today hasn't been much though I did got an awesome package of mikeyface < 3)

So instead of that I'm gonna go on a rant.

This rant is about religion for the most part.

I guess I'm kinda agnostic. In that I don't think we'll find proof on if there is or isn't a god. In a sense, such a thing is unknowable. To me religion is a personal thing. You make your own decision and your own choice to believe or not.

Personally, if there is a god I've never bought the one most religions believe in. Ok, god created the universe. The universe is incredibly big. So, out of all of the trillions of billions of stars and planets in the universe, a diety is going to take a personal interest in the lives of 6 billion odd people, on a small (probably average) planet that orbits a relatively average star? It's just seemed a bit, well unbelieveable to me.

My family was never really religious. The only sign of faith my mum had was a cross around her enck that she wore all the time (however due to recent years she's since took it off and I've never seen it again). My first proper exposure to religion was through school. It was through history, through thre Greeks and Romans and Egyptians and Aztecs. I had a particular interest in those things (I always did have a fondness for Egyptian stuff). However at the same time s we learned about these cultures, we also learned about their religion. Now the religion of all of those cultures are ones that existed, primarily, due to their lack of knowledge. So now we know that their beliefs aren't true. The sun's a ball of gas, not a diety. We don't need to sacrifice people on an alter to keep it coming up. Andd so, from that, I became skeptical about religion.

Later we had religious studies, where we learned about the religions that are around now. I looked at each one the same as I did those ancient ones. They have all of these specific customs, yet none of them are really necessary. They say god is everywhere, yet to pray you have to go to a specific religious building to do so. Why does god require us to believe in it, love it and worship it in the first place?

So yeah, I never really got into religion as a child.

Later I learned the dangers of religion. Mainly that organised religion seeks control to control. Even in recent years, where Christianity's worked greated lengths to stop the American government granting gay couples mariage or worse, Muslim countries having Shariah which countries every aspect of the nation's government from the economy to law to the schools.

When slavery was abolished, one group was screaming to be allowed to keep their slaves. Guess who? That's right, the churches. Just a few years back adoption law here was changed to allow gay couples to adopt and guess who wanted exemption from the law? Yep Christian orphanages. Thy even went as far as saying 'if you make us let gay couples adopt then we will close them all down'.

And yet the Catholic church saw fit to cover up thousands of pedophile priests in it's ranks, merely moving them somewhere else without telling anyone.

So yeah, the major religions often come of, to me anyway, as selfish and self-serving. Yes follow what we do, but we're above the law. Yes church and state are seperate, but we want to decide the law or even actively flaunt it.

Organised religion is, to me, a lot like the Jedi in Star Wars. Yes it does good, but it's restictive and, every so often, one will go off the deep end. Look at the two former Jedi that became sith in the films alone. Dooku went on to help start one of the most devesating wars in that glaxies history. And then the frist day Vader went to the dark side he lead an army to slaughter a bunch of Jedi, slaughtered a bunch of children and then choked his wife.

Religion can be a good thing, as long a it's personal. The second it decides to gain control over a populace it becomes wrong, especially when it decides to subjugate a particular group (which it often does, most often women, black people or gays).

This is a pretty big world. We should all be able to live on it in peace. There's room enough for everyone. One of the big hopes I actually have is that one day we will be able to live in relative peace and religion won't matter as much (and nor will it control us).

Just because I don't beleive in a religion or a god, doesn't mean I don't believe in an afterlife (I very much believe there is one though I doubt it's all fluffy clouds, harps and halos).

I've ranted enough now. Sorry about that. Props to anyone that actually managed to read all that.
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