October 26th, 2010

Jay Smith Shiny bunny whore


Before I start the gig post I feel it's necessary to point this out. Males of the world, if you wear white pants/jeans/trousers your bulge will be extremely visible.

Anyway onto the gig. Yep, I did end up deciding to go.

It started off worriedly, because mum had moved the ticket (in one of her dumb cleaning things) and so I was late to the station. I got there just in time to watch it leave. Joy.

However while waiting for the next one (and the trip on it) I managed to finish my book. Woo! Next book soon. Most likely The Force Unleashed.

Anyway, got to Birmingham, went to the signing thing. Ryan was nice and talkative. I dunno if he heard my replies to him due to my voice. In line for the signing though someone asked what it was for. Why am I always the one asked that?

I waited in line at the venue then went inside. Now, the first thing I always do at a venue is go to the merch. And what I saw there made me grin. Well, blink to make sure I wasn't seeing things and then grin. Because there, doing the merch, was a bonus Welshie.

Jay Smith!

He's so cute and awesome! I feel sorry for him cause he's not going to the pledge Thorpe Park or zoo things. Poor boy. I got really shy (cause he was busy and I was self concious about my lack of a voice) so I took a sneaky DS pic, got a signed drumskin and wandered off.

I found an unoccupied stool and sat in it, which was probably what allowed me to stay there the whole time.

Midway through the first support act (all three were nothing special, though the first were from Wolverhampton) I realised my stylus had gone. So I looked back and there it was on Jay's table. Someone must've picked it up and give it him.

So after the first band I decided to go and ask him for it. He was nice as he always seems to be. He geeked out over seeing my DSi (he's thinking of getting one after playing on one, playing Professor Layton!) and when I mentioned there was the 3DS out soon his face went like the cat on Russell Howard (the shocked one) and his eyes kinda lit up. The cute boy. I just want him as a best friend or something. The talk with him was the most I'd talked in one go in days. I got a pic with him though, cause he's nice like that.

So between support acts venues play music. I noticed Jay head bopping to Fall Out Boy, singing along and doing an odd dance to Limp Bizkit and doing an odd dance to Lostprophets.

So yeah, by seeing him meant that going was worth it.

I was at the same venue as We Are The Ocean last week and it was only less then a quarter full, which is kinda sucky but good for me at the same time. Oddly, though, I did get another lesbian couple standing next to me again. Oddness.

So then, finally, Attack! Attack! came on. Neil did his cute guitar thing, Ryan was pretty and they mic shared a bit. They commented on the other Attack Attack (they're shit) and seemed surprised when everyone said they'd bought the new album and not downloaded it. They played the song I most like off the new album (Seen Me Lately) and the best song of theirs, Honesty (the intro of which was punctuated by Jay screaming 'Tidy!' from the merch).

I think they were worth going, they do put on a good show.

There is also a couple that gets an honourable mention off me. There was an old lady and a less old man (the lady had to be about 60 then man in his 40s). Now I assumed that they had been dragged along by someone, a kid or grandkid and they were there to act as guardians for them. I noticed em fairly early on and paid them no real mind. Then Attack! Attack! came on and what I saw made me grin every time. They were clapping along, doing the woo's, head bopping and singing! Seriously it made me smile so big. I hope when I'm that age I'll still be rocking. Props to you awesome old lady!

So after the gig I went to the station and the stupid trains were being arsey so I had to go to Walsall and get a 'replacement bus service'. Seriously, why not just keep the train running?

Ah well. Home now. I'm glad I went. I do feel better for going.

Working on a list of horror/Halloween dvds to watch over this week. So far there's the Saw films (Friday), Sleepy Hollow (if it's not Film4 at a convienient time to watch then), Dead Space: Downfall, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Autopsy, Sleepy Hollow, Event Horizon, The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror dvd and Sleepy Hollow.

Here is the pic of me and him.

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