October 20th, 2010

11 Bow ties are cool

All I want is to feel alive.

So because of stupid trains, I'm making this later then I wanted.

It also means it's now my birthday. I crossed midnight listening to Winter's Kiss by Young Guns, which I only knew cause that's when the train stopped.

I guess I should ramble about the past few days.

I would accept there's nothing to ramble about.

The only thing is Star Trek wekened, which I watched 7 of the 10 films of. It's ok though, I only wanted to watch the original series films cause I'd not seen most of them. They're pretty good. 3, 4 and 6 are probably the best. 5 is the worst, most definitely. Ugh. But they all had funny moments.

Still not got Kerrangs. I want to kick them.

Mum things that the Boba Fett thing I want is a Jabba thing. Sigh.

Ducks are skittish.

Today felt odd. It felt like I was going through the motions for the most part. I had no excitement for the gig at all. It felt like I was just going because I had the ticket. Which was, pretty much, true.

Inexplicable things in Birmingham:
*Got mistaken for a girl again (It's been awhile though). A woman asked if I wanted to try some make-up (or hair thing I wasn't paying attention) so... odd
*Still no sign of Bullet's calendar. There was, however, a lone Tokio Hotel one
*All but one of the Kerrang's were Gerard. Curse that red headed whore
*One Forbidden Planet feels it's ok to charge a full £50 more for the Boba Fett battle pack then the other
*Neither Forbidden Planet seems to understand the concept of alphabetical order when it comes to comics. No wonder I can't find what I want.
*I think I know what tomorrow's thing is. It was literally right in front of my face
*A lesbian couple making out next to me in the venue. Seriously.

I only got a pack of shiny Magic cards and some comics.

Only got excited about the gig when I went to the signing. They seem nice. I got a free poster, which I got them to sign. The girl in front got her shoe signed. Odd.

When I waited in line the girl in front of me spoke to me. Briefly. That was odd.

I didn't get anything at the gig. The support acts weren't that special, though each had a hot guy. Ghost Of A Thousand's singer gets props though for going into the circle pit like a mad man.

Then We Are The Ocean came on and they were awesome. I sung along and everything and just got buzed. They played Confessions, which I'm so glad about cause it's my favourite song of theirs. The singer looks better sweaty, with his nipples showing. The guitarist/bassist (not sure which) is hot.

So yeah going to a gig made me buzzed, which is good because I've been feeling real depressed deep down. So yeah, I need to go to the Apocalyptica gig and I NEED to go to the Adam Lambert one. I really need to get a ticket. Why are people seeing them for three figures? Bastard. I may have to rely on a tout at the venue which I've never had to before but I need it.

Not sure what else to add without getting depressing.

However, I did get a good e-mail in the form of Saw 3D being at Cannock. They're even doing a late night showing. Which I may og to.

I'm gonna go get more chocolate milk.
Link me to birthday posts. I may miss them.
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