October 15th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Can I be the only hope for you?

Rambles now about three main things.

First the new MCR vid. Which is so insane and... odd. I should have rambled while everything was fresh in my head, but now it's faded but... still, it's all insane. I hate that they beep out drugs because... what's the point? I probably should've watched it again before this post though.

I sense/hope that the videos will follow the same theme/verse. As crazy as that is cause it's awesome.

Also blck_cherry sent me this which is the guy in the video that people have called both lady boy and sow pony. Aka the one in the roller skates.

Last night I finially watched Resident Evil Afterlife. The quality wasn't the best and there was no 3D (which didn't take away but it was obvious where the 3D was). After doing a run of the past vfew days, it became obvious that this one was different. Well, each one ahs been different really. It follows on more directly from the last one, though the Alice clones ae dealt with far too early. Also I could rant about Umbrella and how stupid it is (and how the people in charge of it deserve a slap) but I've already done that elsewhere.

Also didn't Wesker ever play a Resident Evil game? There is always something on the plane with you!

They better bring out another film quick with that cliffhanger (which doesn't make too much sense but then Umbrella's idiotic like that). Or I'll poke them.

Downloaded the first ep of Sonic 4 on the Wii. SEGA!! Some bits are so tricky and I hate getting to the special stages cause I end up missing the ring to get to them and then missing my chance. Boo! And Mad Gear stage is EVIL! Other then that it's very nostalgic. All the levels so far are similar to ones from other games (I think all from the same one though I'm not sure which).

I'm gonna go back on it later and scream at it until I get past the bit I'm stuck on. Or until I die a million times, whichever is sooner.

Star Trek weekend tomorrow! So now Merlin for me since I'll be Trekking it up on Film4.

Now go do me fic!
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