October 13th, 2010

Ray Finger sucking

Colour is dangerous

Watched Sarah Jane today. Main thing I took from it was 'I can see Luke's nipples!' and not much else.

I caved and ordered the MCR Kerrang's online cause it's cheaper. Still, I did look for mikeyface. Mum went to Cannock so she looked too. Apparently there was 'the red haired one everywhere' her words, and only Asda had copies of the others. I think she finds Ray attractive, she seemed to imply that, which is odd.

So I looked through the issue I got for her (hope that's ok!) and skimmed through. Ok, by skimmed through I mean try and read and get distracted by the pictures. I did purprosely looked for any mention to Bob. Sadly there's only one paragraph, from Frank, which doesn't really explain anything conclusively. Maybe Bob can do that solo project at some point.

I hate how these issues have no good posters for me, yet I'm getting them 4 times. Booo.

I hate how America has all these previews of the vid yet I can't get any. Bah! I wanna see!

It's still working though. My excitement for this album is several times more then what it was just a few weeks ago. I like the other new song too.

Can someone explain to me, though, why MCR is the only band that gets the member a cover thing?

Sonic 4 is out Friday to download! Yay! Also, more exciting, is Mew for Pokemon Heartgold/SoulSilver! Mew being one of the cutest Pokemon EVER!

Finally started the Resident Evil run Monday. Watched a film a night which seems to work. Yay zombies! Also watched Ponyo Monday, which was so cute!

Next week is my birthday. Am I excited? Barely. My levels of excitement are pretty close to zero. Hence why I've poked people for fic.

Off now to finish a random fic idea, then Ugly Betty.
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