October 11th, 2010

Luke Smith Schoolboy

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Another few days, more lack of posting. I've failed at posting pics and can't be arsed to make this post a pic post either. Maybe tomorrow.

Last few days have been... well, slow. Nothing particularly special or interesting has happened.

Saturday's Merlin was good (although, shockingly, Arthur didn't get topless for the first time this series). It was a pretty dark ep and of course, created the usual paradox that happens when seeing the future (which has also happened in Star Wars among other things). In trying to prevent the future he caused it to happen. Ten to one Morgana kills Uther before the series is up.

I managed to catch an awesome film Saturday night too. One Missed Call, the Japanese one. How is it that the Japanese do horror so well? It was genuinely scary. I hope never to hear that creepy as fuck ringtone again. Well, unless I buy the film, which I might if I see it cheap. Seriously though it's so awesome. I'm glad I watched it.

Yeterday I watched Clone Wars. The ep, while interesting is probably the weakest of the first 5. At least Padme gets a new outfit. I hope the next time we go to Mandalore we get Death Watch again.

The Sarah Jane Adventures started today. Boo for Luke going. It managed to be scary again though. Damn him for going. Why does every even numberedd series of this show gotta lose someone? Hope he come back.

Got asked for my ID today. Seriously, first time ever. I'm almost 24 for fucks sake!

Off to of through the evil doom of tumblr. And watch Horizon later.
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