October 7th, 2010

BMTH Oli Towel

Heart attacks waiting to happen

Random thoughts (aka bullet point posts).

*I fail. I fell asleep and totally missed The Vampire Diaries. Ugh! I watch it because of Damon the engaging storyline. Ok I couldn't say that with a straight face.
*Today was shopping day. Didn't get much special. I got some Clone Wars cards though. Three of the four packs had shiny cards in
*Yay Autumnwatch! Yay for bats <333
*Verdict on the new BMTH album: I like it. Possibly best one. I get picky when it comes to them and I like all/most of the songs.
*It's scary that BMTH looks like it'll be in the charts... in the top 10
*I'm getting more faily when it comes to twitter/tumblr. The latter esspecially.
*Kerrang's ok. No answers about Bob yet. Hopefully next week.
*Next week's will be evil. 4 fucking covers! Ugh! I'm getting mum to check on the Wednesday for them.
*Gonna do a pic post in a day or so
*Still need to do Resident Evil run. Not sure on when I'll be doing that. I wanna be able to watch most/all of them in one go which'll take about 6 hours.

Two weeks till my birthday yesterday, so if anyone wants to do/send me anything that's when it is. So since I'll be at We Are The Ocean the 19th and mum's insisting (quite oddly) that we go out to Birmingham on the actual day I won't be around properly until 2 weeks today (the 21st).

Off now to go through twitter/tumblr and fic.
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