October 5th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Let's keep it a secret

So yesterday went better then expected.

It was still a bit... eh, but it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. We went to the garden center. There was a load of guinea pigs like Sean, like 8 of them. Seriously they looked just like him, white with dark paws, a dark nose and pink eyes. It was odd.

I felt more depressed on Saturday for some reason. I dunno why.

Today I went off to Birmingham. It was ok for the most part. I didn't get much really, just new Clone Wars Top Trumps a few packs of Clone Wars cards and the binder (the exclusive card being a swish one of Ziro). Also got the BMTH album which I'd downlaoded and listened to for the first time today. Yeah I didn't even hear online.

The signing went ok. Loads of scary screming girls though. I could only get the sleeve signed though. Bah. Matt Nicholls spoke to me though, but his accent meant I couldn't understand a word. I'll assume he was refering to my tee (he was pointing at it) which I'd worn in hopes that he'd say something.

Saw the rise of Boba Fett battle pack in Forbidden Planet. Want!

The train back was packed and a nightmare. Ugh.

Watched the last Clone Wars ep the other day. It was pretty awesome, lots of iconic people and places. It did sshow that, 3 seasons in, Padme has only had 3 costume changes. Compared to the films that seems wrong. It also is an ep out of continuity AGAIN (which is a trend all of the eps so far this series have had sadly). Also you'd think after Naboo blockading worlds would have been made illegal.

Ask Rhod Gilbert had addition hotness last night: Rhod skin! Nomnom Welshman flesh.

Going now to eat, sort cards and go through the evil of tumblr.

Edit to add: It's amusing that Dragon Quest now has a Prince from Cannock in it.

Also amusing is a guy in a Welsh accent on Nintendo tv.
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