October 2nd, 2010

Jay Cock!

You should have read your programme more carefully

Thank fuck the laptop works again. I dunno how it sorted itself out but it did.

Yay Tim Minchin Live! He's awesome!

Anyway, yesterday Padge returned from his explorations. Seriously I just checked on the others and there he was climbing next to to the tank they were in. Silly thing.

Went to Lichfield today cause mum want library books for college and college was messing up with her college card. So off we went. Two bus trips and rain later we turned up. The library there is awesome for two reasons. To take out a book you put it in the thing and it knows what the book is without you even opening it! Swish! They also had Fever to be loaned which I thought was pretty cool.

Lichfield is, for those that haven't been, nothing special. It's pretty dull. I mean it has a big Smiths but that's basically it. Dull. However we had Mcdonalds (that was quick for once) and we got the external hard drive from Argos.

Yes I am being a typical boy and the first thing I'm uploading to it is porn. About 12GB's of the stuff. I'm a boy ok! I like porn.

As soon as I got back I ended up going upstairs and falling asleep.

Then I came down and the laptop fucked up as mentioned earlier. Ugh!

Least it's sorted now oddly.

I wanna kick HMV for not sending BMTH yet. I'm getting antsy.

The Attack! Attack! ticket turned up though so I'm going to that. And molesting the pretty one. I must learn and rememebr the names. I intended putting the new album on the pod to listen to today but I failed. Boo.

Anyway, off now to watch Tim Minchin and sort out lappy before bed. May fic tomorrow.
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