September 30th, 2010

Andy Pretty

One Night In A Darkened Booth

One Night In A Darkened Booth
Pairing: Andy Six/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andy
Prompt: 5: Oil
Warnings: AU, BDSM, watersports, fisting (briefly, in the background)
Notes: So I figured if I was ever gonna do an Andy fic it'd be with Matt Good, ah well. I blame the pic of Andy that I've used for this. And Jay for having bandanas on suddenly. You can blame wolfslover for me doing this too< 33 Oh and here's the bandana code.
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OOT Sheik Triforce

It's about computers and technology

So far this week hasn't been terribly fantastic.

Padge has managed to escape and is now... anywhere. He's been gone at least a day and stick insects can move remarkably fast when they want. Also due to his size he can be just about anywhere too. I've left out some leaves for him and hopefully he'll come back from exploring soon.

The gravestone at the cemetary has been updated. It was done a few days ago but I just... haven't felt like saying it to anyone. Seeing it there has just... depressed me. You think it would've set in after the past few months of not seeing her.

That leads me to Monday. I won't be around anywhere at all. Don't try and contact me unless it's important. I won't want to talk with anyone or anything. (Of course this is my assumption that I'll handle it like shit and not want to interact with anyone and just want to be left alone, it could just as easily go the other way but I won't know till then.)


I'm all excited over the 3DS now and want it's awesomeness right now! I want at least 4 of the release games shown in the videos, but the one I must have above all the others is Ocarina Of Time. Yes, I know I have it about 4 different formats but this is one of the greatest games of all time here. If you've not played it before you seriously should (it came out on the N-64 and has been released on game discs for the Gamecube as well as a Wii download... I have all of them) or it's sequel, the darker and argueably superior, Majora's Mask (which I hope gets the 3D treatment too). Seriously if you've not played a Zelda game (which is insanity) you should play these two.

And ok I may be excited about it just a bit to see what the spiritual stones look like in 3D. And Sheik's ass. And Link's.

The other 3DS games I'm interested in are Resident Evil (zombies!), Kid Icarus (Pit is sexy) and Animal Crossing (which looks better then I expected).

Speaking of 3D stuff which will be awesome, the Star Wars films are coming out in 3D. To me Star Wars is one of (if not the) most awesome thing ever. So yeah, that's exciting and awesome.

I still need to see Resident Evil Afterlife cause now I'm going to Birmingham it's not showing. Bah!

The pigs (if you missed the voice post) are called Ian and Sean.

Got Kerrang but need to read the BMTH bit. Next week's looks hot.

Attack! Attack!'s album came Monday but I've not heard yet. D'oh! Will soon.
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