September 23rd, 2010

Jay Cock!

My dear general, there's nothing you have that I could want

So tired now. Ugh. Tomorrow I think I'll sleep the whole day. My limbs ache like fuck.


Here's a bullet point post:
*I can't wait for this book. It's gonna be awesome as fuck. Zombie Sith!
*MCR's single got it's full air play last night. Of course I only hear about it after the fact. Still not sure on it. That may be cause the first time I heard it was a crap recording though. I still mostly only know the damn na's. Still don't go much on deathdefying at the start
*The pigs are still unnamed
*Stupid lappy died last night but I didn't lose too much. Still annoying
*AP came today! I squeed over the mini-poster/schoolboy pics
*I did not squee over the interview being with fucking Matt again. I am sick to fucking death on hearing Matt's opinions about the album. Seriously, I've heard his thoughs a million times now. I wanna hear what Jay, Padge or Moose think about it. Or about ANYTHING. Seriously if Sean Smith, Ian Watkins and Jared Leto can be considerate enough to let their bandmates speak then you should too Tuck. And he wonders why he comes off as an arrogant prick.
*And that was me being restrained about ranting
*Also that came today is the Kerrang with the Ian/Gerard poster that lithiumqueen only sent for me like yesterday. Woo! Thank yous
*I looked where I thought the other Ian poster was and it's not there
*I hope the post hasn't lost the other things.
*Saw a short Apocalyptica vid the other day and Eicca and Perttu were just... couply throughout
*Read this a Lostprophets Ilan bukkake, cause it's hot
*I hate my dreams because I forget them
*It's typical that the first people to ask Ian about those photos is Metal Hammer... who hate all Welsh bands for some reason
*Rough fic list
*Shopping was stupid.
*I got Star Wars card though
*And Rock Sound which I'll look through soon (and add my thoughts)

I watched the first episodess of The Clone Wars season 3 last night. The stupid site I was watching for em uploaded them as one file so I thought they only had th first up. D'oh. Rambling now.
*Kaminoans! They didn't dance though:(
*Lama Su!
*The second ep was epic. It completely overshadowed the first
*The space battle made me think of the battle of Endor
*The Sepratists were sneaky
*Grievous and Ventress met for the first time
*Does ventress flirt with everyone? Seriously she needs to meet Aurra already
*It felt like it coulda been two eps
*The aqua droids are awesome looking
*Grievous went for a scuttle
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