September 14th, 2010

MM Skull Kid First encounter

The view from our last summer

I have become so lax with this thing it's ridiculous. Ugh.

Thursday was ok. Went to town. I got Rock Sound (funny cause someone thought Snoz was Bert!), some lego minifigs (Pharoh and surfer) and some new Clone Wars cards that I didn't know were out (I'll get more soon).

Friday was a fail. The Adam tickets went on sale but were gone in an hour. I'd got as far as putting in my details for one order and then by the time I was done it was gone. Therefore I spent the day pissed off. People are now selling the tickets for £100 apiece. Fuckers.

I hope he puts extra dates up.

If anyone spots em for £20 lemme know.

Saturday was eh mostly. Me and mum were fighting again.

Merlin was the best part of the day. I've missed it so. Why wasn't Arthur around to take advantage of Merlin chained up?

Sunday was eh too. Watched two films on tv but that's about it.

Yesterday was less eh. We ended up going to the garden center and now my group of stick insects is complete! Matt and Moose are tiny though. Why Jay and Padge are finger size, Matt and Moose are more fingernail size.

Mum ended up using her laptop that night prompting constant questions of how and what to do things which I've told her before.

MCR neds to stop with the creepy cryptic shit and post a song. And a reason for Bob leaving.

clandestinemess's vamp fic is awesome and I'll link you to it when it's posted.

I'll be ficcing tonight, hopefully finishing the one I'm on.

I got a package come this morning! Thank you so much Donna. < 3 Legos=love. And Kul Teska is a fucking beast. Seriously I knew he was big and tall, but he towers over everything. So awesome! Thank yous!

Off now to check through my friends list and then tumblr (ugh so many updates).
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