September 8th, 2010

Jay Cock!


Things in the past week in bullet points.

*The trip to Blackpool mentioned in the recent posts
*The Bullet poster in todays kerrang is hot (but small)
*Ficcing is going ok after creative block
*The last Bullet tv was so insane and random and funny
*Finally channel 4 are playing new Simpsons eps
*The bitch that threw puppies in the river has been arrested
*And an old lady saved most of them and she's taking care of them!
*Resident Evil Afterlife is out soon
*Waitin for a package!
*Adam Lambert is doing a tour here at last

*Danny escaping, running down the road and almost being hit by a car
*If the laptop isn't fucking up it's MSN. If it's not MSN ist's the laptop
*A major Bullet site on tumblr got hacked and erased
*Then it's twitter did
*Somone I thought I was close to has pretty much up and left
*Spiders are evil
*Resident Evil Afterlife is not playing here:(
*No proper drink

*Stephen Hawking has proven with physics that there doesn't ened to be a god
*Sharks in aquariums don't eat other fish as long as they are fed regularly
*Jepha Howard is following Adam lambert on twittwe
*I've ended up starting a Bullet tumblr community thing
*Being amused at mum for thinking that a Sabe figure is Leia (Sabe is one of Padme's handmaidens and was the decoy, so to say she thought it was Padme would be right)
*I just realise that the only difference between Padme and Padge is a letter
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