September 5th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Where the demons from my past leave me in peace

What a long day. We've literally just got through the door. We left the house at 8:30 this morning. It is now just after midnight.

We went to Blackpool (to non-British people Blackpool's a seaside town). The driver was a bit incompetent. He didn't even know how long we were meant to be staying there! We ended up staying for 9 hours. What the fuck?

Now I'll switch to bullet points. Mostly because I'm tired:
*We seriously saw a place called Whitesides amusements
*We went to the one sci-fi shop that mum's always been in when she's been before (which is closing down. Ugh it was so... ugh. The place was disorganised and they had figures that were so old.
*After that we went to find the other one that was there... but it ahsd moved. Just when we gave up we found it (via a nice dude in Debenhams who had a little advertising thing for it there)
*Before we got there we went in TK Maxx and I got a Guitar Hero guitar case. It was only £2.99 and it's got skulls on the outside (and like a red velvet lining thing). I just had it out and mum says she thought it woulda been about £20. Awesome!
*We went to the other sci-fi shop, which by comparison was so much nicer. It was bigger and organised and just... awesome. They had statue things of Yoda, Wall-e, Daleks and... Jar Jar (no idea why). Oddly though they didn't have the newer Star Wars figures. I ended up getting the Illustrated Star Wars Universe (an awesome Star Wars book I've always wanted) and some Magic: The Gathering cards.
*We had Mcdonalds. The guy failed. He gave me chicken and I actually had a bite. Ew ew ew. As soon as I did I knew. Ugh.

We then went to the Sea Life centre, which deserves seperate bullet points just cause:
*Starfish aren't as hard as you'd think
*We saw dogfish, which are little sharks. They're so cute the way they swim and spin. And! One had an egg attached!
*Next there was rays and they kept coming to the surface and doing these 'dance' things which was cute. When we went in again i touched one (even though you're not meant to but I was alone so)
*Sea horses! They are so so cute! I love sea horses. I'm fairly sure one was pregnant cause he was so big.
*There was pipefish too and they were pretty cute.
*New fish (to me anyway) were flashlight fish, which can flash light as they move about. As the name implies I guess
*Ghost catfish are so weird and cool looking.
*There was this cute teeny gecko thing! It was so small and cute!
*Sharks have strange looking crotches
*I did an art!

Then we went back out, went a walk along the beach (cold water is cold) and then ended up at the pier. Mum found these awesome claw machines. You put in £1 and get as many goes as it takes to win. All claw machines should be like this! She won me a unicorn from one (with wings) and from the other she managed to get two in one go! Skills!

And we got jelly beans! Woo!

There's a scary amont of stag/hen nights going on.

ANyway, back home now. Gonna go through my stuff and twitter and kill tumblr with a stick (19 updates since 8am my arse).

Pictures tommorrow though.

And fuck, 8 comments on a fic? How did that happen?
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