September 1st, 2010

Leela Leia

Can I sleep on your couch?

Since katiexrawr did an about me post (which she apparently yoinked the idea off me now I am off her EVERYTHING IS CYCLICAL!) I figured I'd do one.

I'm Stuie, 23, male and I am made of shoes. I have a weird sense of humour. I'm generally strange and geeky. Also pervy. A lot of people seem to think I'm female (online and in real life). Someone once said I looked like Mikey Way (before losing his glasses).
I'm English, with Irish on my dad's side (which I've never met and never will). I was raised by my grandparents (both of which are now gone) and mum (who is still here but not here because she's out).
I'm pansexual though I'll sometimes say I'm bi cause people understand that better.
My favourite colour is purple or black.
My favourite animals are axolotl's. I like bugs too (but I have a fear of spiders).
I live near Walsall, near Birmingham in the Uk.
I like films. Some of my favourites include: Resident Evil, Battle Royale, Star Wars, Saw, Mamma Mia, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pokemon, Scream.
My favourite tv shows are The Simpsons, Ugly Betty, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Futurama, Family Guy, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Clone Wars, Bleach and Death Note.
I also like video games. Mostly Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Lego Star Wars, Rabbids, Resident Evil among others.
I don't read many books (most are Star Wars ones). My favourite books are Umbrella Academy (comics count as books!), Labyrinth Of Evil, Exquisite Corpse and Deathtroopers (zombie stormtroopers FTW!).

I love many bands and artists, here's most of them: Adam Lambert, Apocalyptica, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Demon Hunter, Fightstar, Lostprophets, Madina Lake, Panic! At The Disco, Poison The Well, The Blackout, The New Regime, The Used, We Are The Ocean, Young Guns.

I fic a lot. Some is twisted, most is just smut. All of it is warned, so read the warnings. (Don't be an idiot and complain later.) If you do read it, comment. How else will I know if people like it?

Like I said I mostly write smut with various kinks. It's basically whatever the hell pops into my head.

I don't have an OTP, but if you write me Jay James fic I will love you forever.

Questions? Queries? Comment and I'll answer


Anyone the last few days have been uneventful. Jay and Padge (the stick insects) are oki. They seem happy which is goodd.

Last Futurama was awesome. Lrrr! Leela as Leia!

Talk Talk was a bitch today. Mum had changed the card details with them, but it was still going to the old account (which was stopped) so we lost the net for a few hours. Ugh.

Kerrang's not so special today, but Mark has an awesome Star Wars tee.

New Simpsons started today, which made me happy.

It's also September now. Cue sexy Padge. Nom.

Ian eating catfood while dressed as santa. Oddly guh.

The duck pond literally has 30 ducks on it.

The New Regime's new vid is hot. Mostly cause it has 7 Ilan's in it. It just shows how talented he is. Nom.

The Madina song is also awesome. Can't wait for the ep. And album.

Here have some Ian fic with a dog.
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