August 29th, 2010

Jay Cock!

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I feel I shold make a post. Dunno why.

Thee tv upstairs is now the massive old one from downstairs, which took ages to move. It's been a pain. Ugh. Had to put minis in a box for now, which I hate.

It was so tiring to ove though and such a pain. Ugh.

My friends are now in a tank and see quite happy. Every time I look in they've moved, which is good. They seem pretty happy. I think I've settled on Jay and Padge, so that when I get two more I can have the full set.

Yesterday I watched the last few eps of Gilmore Girls at last. So glad Lorelai and Luke ended up together. I had I Will Always Love You in my head today though.

Escape The Fate's new song sounds pretty good.

Inspiration has been iffy. It comes at 3/4am, so I write a bit then sleep. I hope to have lc_ffaf's birthday fic done by tomorrow.

Sadly no more Ian porn has been found. Boo. (Although my post got linked here which I found while searching.)

Two fics by others have been posted, so I'm linking to them cause they're hot:
Punishment - Ian/Lee Gaze/Matt Tuck
Vengeful Playthings Part 2 - Waycest

Going off now to finish random Dragon Quest level and fic.
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