August 24th, 2010

Leonecest Laying and sitting

Not For This World

Not For This World
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Nathan
Warnings: Mentions of surgery/the attack
Notes: Ok, so I blame tumblr for this. There's been Madina spams lately and it made me wanna fic them. Originally I was gonna just do some form of porn (set during the older school days), but I rememebered a vague idea I'd had based on Not For This World and I adapted it. So... here it is.
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Jay Let's get drunk!

Bring them all to light

Not much since the last post. The weekend was boring. Mostly spent upstairs.

The best thing about the weekened was seeing new Futurama. So awesome! I loved the ones with the robo-dinosaurs and body switching. I didn't think I'd like the latter, but it had me laughing so fucking much.

Yesterday was a yay day.

Apocalyptica's new album came. So much fucking win. It was one of the album's I was looking forward to this year, so now (unless The New Regime release an album) I only have one or two left. I think my favourite of the vocal tracks is Bring them To Light (surprisingly, and I've already found myself humming it). Non vocal is less clear. I need to listen more. It's so fucking amazing what they can do with cellos.

Went to Job Center, which was pointless, but it meant I could go to Asda and get new figs. I got IG-88 and Zuckusss (the first time I've had one of him) so now I want all of the Executor bounty hunters. So I've gotta track down Bossk, Boba Fett, 4-LLOM and Dengar. Thankfully they've all had new (or re) releases. Unfortunately the vintage figs that three of them are in I've not seen so...

I don't understand why Home Bargains has a Avenged Sevenfold backpack for kids. Or why such a thing exists.

Last night I got terrorised by a massive as fuck spider, so I ran away.

Then I watched Family Guy and finished fic.

Today we went down to the garden center. This resulted in me getting two new friends! Pic behind the cut. They need names. I'm debating what to call em.

Watched the new BMTH vid. I had to download it cause firefox and youtube acted up. They're working together to destroy me. Or just to annoy me. Anyway it's pretty good. Wish the others had been in it more instead of that nurse slut. Lee looked best in the mask.

Guess who this is.

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