August 21st, 2010

GIR Cupcake!

To make room for the cupcake!

Well I guess I should make a post.

Since my last, uber geeky post, I'm not done too much. I've started watching Invader Zim online. GIR is so awesome and funny! I love him.

The post lead to me watching the rest of the Clone Wars episodes over Monday and Tuesday. It ended up being 14 episodes. All the eps were awesome in their own way (especially the Mandalorian ones). And then I watched the trailer some more. I'm at 11 times now, more then I've seen any other trailer for anything ever. Saur did me caps cause VLC refused to make me any. Woo!

Mum went to Cannock and, armed with a list, she got me Star Wars figs. I ended up with cold weather Rex and Greedo.

Kerrang was ok. All Time Low's interview was quite amusing. And the posters are good (though Luke still has that awful hair) and the Bullet one... well. Matt's riding Jay, Padge is making a face and Moose is hatless!

Today's been a slow day. I didn't wake till 2 for some reason (a change to other days when mum was being a bit of a pesterer).

BMTH are releasing their vid in a stupid way. I really wanna see it cause it sounds like Fightstar's Deathcar (one of the most awesome vids ever).

Anyway, finished fic yesterday. Might do more soon I dunno.

Everyone should read this cause it's pretty awesome.
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