August 16th, 2010

Cad Bane Holocron

I am your worst nightmare

If you happened to hear a loud noise about half hour ago that was me. Squeeing.

The extended trailer of the Clone Wars season 3 has been posted and it's filled with awesome!

First of there's a battle on Kamino, which I've wanted since the series began (of course, the water caused problems which is why it took so long). I hope hope hope that the battle is a 3 or 4 parter like Geonosis and Ryloth was.

Then there's the bounty hunters. Aurra's back (though shown briefly) and Cad Bane is (and he's shown more). Every season they make Cad more awesome. Using a lightsaber AND a flamethrower this season. He's such a fucking badass.

Then there's the Mandalorians back! Sure Death Watch weren't seen directly, but I'm sure they will be.

Other things to squee over: Ziro, Jabba, Ventress being in it more, new battle droids, the fanblade starfighter (which I've always thought looked pretty awesome), an implied attack on Coruscant (or at least the Senate District), epic space battles (as expected) and Cad Bane's droid returning! I guess he had a spare.

I am so gonna be watching the rest of season 2 asap now. I kept holding back cause I kinda wanted to see them when I got the blu-ray boxset, but fuck it. I can't anymore after seeing that. When I get the boxset I'll do a run with mum (I hope they're extended like the first season was).

I probably will watch tonight (to watch the Death Watch episodes which are the only ones I've seen before).
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