August 13th, 2010

Jay Cock!

This is a drive by, this is a drive by!

I hate yesterday. Stupid Asda has a 2 for £8 deal on Star Wars figures and only had one good one. Bah. Might send mum to look Wednesday. Main point of hate for yesterday was Iceland, who messed up their delivery thing so I had to carry 6 full bags of shopping all the way to the bus stop. Ugh.

I still ache.

There's a Star Wars thing going on in America right now called Celebration V and they're showing off new figs today. I can't wait for the pics of the zombie Geonosian! It sounds awesome! You can take off it's limbs and everything. I hope it leads to a Death trooper stormtrooper zombie. And there's gonna be a new Zam! YAY!

Also there was a Force Unleashed II trailer with Yoda in and the graphics for the cut scene are movie quality. Serious awesome.

Might write. Not sure what yet. Had no clear ideas.

Picture post ahoy! I'm sure I've missed something. Probably have. Oh well.

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Padge Approves

This gets a seperate post

Do you have any idea how long I've waited for something like this? I WISH IT WAS BIGGER AND CLEARER!

Thanks to darty28 on twitter and tumblr for this.


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