August 11th, 2010

Padge Approves

We're going to the zoo... I mean Wales

I seem to be shit at doing none fic posts lately. No idea why.

The past few days have been slow I guess. Apart from Sherlock (which was both awesome and HOW THE FUCK CANYOU END IT THERE), The Deep (which was interesting but the people are so stupid), going on Dragon Quest (main game done) and... err. I seriously dunno. I am sure there must have been something else. However, nothing else comes to mind at all.

Today we went to Wales. We left here at 8 and got back and 8:30pm.

I knew we were in Wales the second signs suddenly gained extra l's, w's and y's. I love seeing Welsh everywhere and not even knowing how to pronounce half of it. Ok 3/4's. Ok all of it.

Got a bit sad while eating chips, but mostly it was a good day. We had a boat ride (on a boat called the Sea Jay, seriously) and went up the pier.

We went to Mcdonalds before we left (which wasn't till quarter to 6). Got a purple glass from it which was cool. Saw some cute animals and there was a cute fuzzy bunny.

Got some good things. An Athlete cd, Kerrang, two tee's (a Clone Wars one and a Betrayed one), a random Stargate dvd (serious I must stop hording these), an ickle dragon and Tingle's game.

Kerrang's ok. Not as many pics from the awards as I'd hoped there'd be sadly. At least next week has a Bullet poster. I actually like the cover of BMTH's new album

I ended up sleeping on the way back.

Got back and my Bullet tee and print was here, which I got with my pure hmv points which I decided to use at last.
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