August 4th, 2010

Jay Grinning

Ah, victory

Woo! Prop 8's been overturned! YAY!

Take that you bible bashing idiots that wasted millions on their fucking stupid, selfish campaign.


Since my last post I've been doing:
*Fic. girl!Bob fic is posted, another one is being done. Please read
*The other fic can't have much more done till I have more Kerrang award pics
*Dragon Quest. Meeting the Aussie accented, getting a new key, riding a dragon, all kinds of other crap
*Kerrang is eh, apart from the bits about Darran. I'm surprised there's no scans of the pic with Tuck yet. Want next weeks.
*Sherlock was good but not as good as last weeks
*The Deep was... interesting
*Why does the canal only have female ducks? Lesbianism must be all the rage
*Had an odd sex dream with me and Luke Johnson

As always, I'm sure I had more shit to say but my mind's like a black hole.
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