July 30th, 2010

Jay Chelsea Smile?

We celebrate everyday

Few random things before I ramble about the Kerrang awards.
*Dragon Quest still has moments of sadness, though the last two were less so. Can I go to a town where no one has recently died or is about to die or haunts the place please?
*I think the shrimp eggs were outta date hence lack of life. Boo
*Anyone know how much it is to send a dvd in the post?
*I still wanna rip the phone out
*Watched Scream last night, gonna put on Scream 2 now
*Fuck this fic is taking ages. Longest sex scene ever
*Mum was annoying today. Ugh

Kerrang awards just finished on 4music so ramblings ahoy.
*Bullet won two awards! Woo! best british band has been in Welsh hands for 6 fucking years and should always be in Welsh hands
*Lostprophets won classic siongwriter, yay!
*The Blackout were robbed (especially since that You Me At Six Song is shit)
*So was Bullet for best album (as was everyone else cause Parabore's shit too)
*Jay was the first person shown on the Kerrang awards coverage
*Padge walked in with an open Jager bottle
*Jay was essentially Padge's carer
*Sean presented Bullet with their Live award
*Dan Torelli grins a lot
*Tom Minchin presenting an award< 33
*The last five minutes need to be capped like crazy
*Jay was so cute trying to squeze between Matt and Moose
*And then carrying Padge
*And someone licking the screen
*This is why I love the others, Matt doesn't do fun shit

So much win.

Anyone that finds pics from the awards, link me (I need them for research).

Putting on Scream 2 now and I hope to finish that fic tonight before sleepings.
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