July 28th, 2010

Andy Gun

More to say have you?

Quick thoughts before bed.
*Ray (at least) was at Comic Con with Gerard. And he let him go out with that hair and that shirt? I'm debating which is worse.
*Read the fic I did the other night
*Dragon Quest is pretty good but at times it can be so fucking depressing. Can I please go to a town where someone hasn't died recently? Or is going to die? Please?
*My team in Dragon Quest is named after Bullet. Only Matt and Moose look like themselves. Padge has a blue mohawk and Jay has purple hair. (For those interested, Jay is a minstrel, Padge is a martial artist, Moose is a mage and Matt is a priest. In hindsight I should made Padge the mage causa the rhyming)
*I started one of the fics for thingamabob and it wasn't even the fic I intended on doing first, but I got an idea so I'm running with it.
*The more I hear about the new series of Torchwood the more I do not want it. Seriously.
*I hate the phone
*Bullet stop touring America and releasing cool shit there. Also release cool PHYSICAL singles. Oh and that tour dvd would be nice
*seeing Matthew Leone up and about makes me smiley
*Seeing Toy Story 3 at last Thursday
*I really want a new Star Trek series
*Harry Judd has a nice arse
*Thank you Attitude for renewing my Mcfly interest (I'm sure it'll be more when I get it Thursday)
*My new glasses are ready
*Tomorrow I'll be alone most of the day, woo!
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