July 26th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Geeky post is geeky

As the title says, this post'll be geeky. If that's not your thing move along.

Comic con-related geek stuff:
*New Clone Wars trailer yay! Not much new stuff in it but still awesome
*Gerard Way feels the need to wear shit clothes and have awful hair. This suceeds in distracting people from the lack of a release date for Umbrella Academy
*Not as much new Star Wars stuff as I expected, but what was there was awesome
*Saw gets the Guiness world record for best horror francise of all time (and, sadly, the next one is the last)
*New Pirates film has a release date
*Want Resident Evil Afterlife (was there a new trailer?)

I beat most of the Kanto gym leaders yesterday, so I beat them all in just over 24 hours. Woo. That was a real rush job but I can start Dragon Quest soon.

Fic also finished last night. Dunno if I'll do more soon.

Things I want in the new series/future series of the Clone Wars:
*Nal Hutta/Nar Shaddaa (or Hutt Space in general)
*Ventress working with Aurra Sing
*Dac or Glee Anselm
*Another Kit episode
*Corellia or Kuat (come on, both are major shipyards such targets would be far too tempting)
*The return of Grievous' medical droid
*More Senate Commandos and Commando droids
*A return to Mandalore (and Death Watch)

I'm sure I could come up with more stuffs too.

Sherlock was on last night on BBC1. It was really good, better the I expected. Sherlock was pretty hot and like the Doctor in some ways. I want the next one now! Shockingly mum liked it too and laughed so... that's good.

The shrimps seem unlikely to hatch. It makes me sad.

This is magic and evil it knows EVERYONE! It's scary.
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