July 23rd, 2010

Andy Gun

With knives and pens

Today's been ok. Black Veil Brides finally came today so I've been listening to them. (Pictures behind the cut.)

Been on Pokemon. I did the Elite Four first try (a first I think). The Elite Four themselves were a breee (with only Machamp being the one even close to being tricky) but then Lance was such a bitch. I hate his Dragonite! it ended up being a battle of attrition that lasted half an hour. I ended up waiting till he lost PP for dragon rush on each Dragonite (by healing) then used Lanturn to kill each one. Ugh.

This is awesome. Geeks ftw!

Mum's booked a day trip to Llandudno (yep that's in Wales) so we're going there on the 11th. i've been there once before and got amused by dildos being everywehere. gotta love the Welsh.

Might fic later.

Pic times.

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