July 22nd, 2010

Padge Approves

I would have accepted any answer apart from procreating

So I survived today (and, perhaps more remarkable, so did the kids). I have no idea how mum does that shit four days a week. Getting out the toys, putting back the toys, watching the hellions run around. One little girl thought, for some reason, that I was pirate. I've no idea why. Some of the kids, like three or four, seemed good, the rest just ran around like nutcases and wouldn't stay still.

Mum's boss didn't even than me which was annoying.

I was on Mario and got to Stone Cyclone Galaxy. As Lee Gaze says (he even tweeted me oddly) it's evil!

Also been on Pokemon. I'm aiming to get to the Elite Four at last (after not being on much) and beat them soon. I want to finish the kanto part quickly so I can switch to Dragon Quest (which came today and I forgot I'd even ordered). And must also have a go on the Fire Emblem game I got.

Comic Con's awesome so far. Mucho new Star Wars! Want Kul Teska, Death Watch troopers, Flame clone and others. plus the oth diorama they've got set up is all kinds of awesome.

The new star that's been found is also all kinds of awesome.

No sign of life from the shrimps yet.

Off now to finish watching The Big Bang Theory, then How I Met Your Mother, Mock The Week, Newsnight and Demetri Martin.

Can't think of anything else I was gonna say though there's no doubt there was something. Apart from last post was deleted cause I put it in the wrong place (damn brain frizt).
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